Getting To Know Agenda

Agenda is positioned as part of the main application tabs and displays aggregate views of the action items spread across your conversations.

Realizing that Feed is the place to be reactive by catching up on your teammates' activity and contributing to it by pitching in, Agenda is intended to help you take initiative and be proactive.

By default Agenda will display all the tasks under your responsibility, i.e. the tasks you're assigned to. 

You'll be able to ⇅ switch between views, including viewing by sections, due date or priority, just like in any conversation tasks.

Use the ∇ filter in case you'd like to find out what other members of your team are up to or would like to focus on a subset of your conversations.

Each task in the Agenda contains a few important details:

  • The conversation the task belongs to.
  • The task's title.
  • The list and section the task is in.
  • The importance of the task.
  • The task's due date.

You can easily view and edit a task by clicking on it, same as any conversation's task list.

To complete a task from the Agenda swipe it to the right on the mobile app, or, when on your computer, position the cursor over the image of the assigned user, wait for it to change to a check-mark and click on it.

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