Start Chatting - It's So Easy!

Chatway’s instant messenger works just like most other messaging apps, so there’s no learning curve! 

  1. To start a chat, click on your contact’s name or a group name.
  2. Simply type your message and click the send arrow.

What else can you do with a chat message?

Turn Chats into Actions

One of Chatway's most productive features is the ability to instantly create a Task, Note, or Calendar event directly from a chat.

On Desktop: Click on the relevant message (it will turn light blue when selected) and drag it to the appropriate icon: Task, Note, or Calendar.

On the Mobile Version: Press the message you want to add to a tool (your phone will vibrate when the message is selected) and drag it to the icon.

Attach Files

You can also attach files to your chat by clicking the paperclip icon. 

*Note: These files will appear in the chat but will also automatically be added to Files under the Chat Media folder.

Add Emojis

You can easily access your full emoji keyboard to add a little personality to your messages by tapping the smiley face icon. 

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